Active Projects

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  • Location: Plot 41, Boroboro Road-Lira District
  • Partner: Divine Agency for Integrated Development-(DivineAID)
  • Project Fund Code: UGDivineAID 2025
  • Project Timeline: April 2024 – May 2025
  • Expected Beneficiaries: Over 5,000
  • Donation Goal: $253,488


This initiative aims to enhance living standards and instill hope in Northern Uganda’s formerly war-torn and internally displaced populations. It seeks to promote fair access to clean water and WASH education for marginalized groups. Additionally, it will raise awareness among beneficiaries regarding their rights and responsibilities in sustaining and operating water sources for long-term sustainability. The project will establish water committees at each water point to ensure community ownership and compliance.

Furthermore, the project will help communities address climate change impacts and environmental protection by fostering awareness and establishing village environmental protection committees. These committees will assist in tree planting, promoting eco-friendly farming practices, and educating communities on climate adaptation and resilience.


  1. Construction of 13 water sources for the vulnerable communities
  2. WASH Education
    • Formation and training of Community Sanitation Committees (WSSC)
    • A total of 13 Community Health Clubs (CHC) formed and trained.
    • Establishment of 13 VSLA groups in the two sub-counties.
  3. Capacity building on sustainable environment and climate change transition by forming 13 VEPC groups and trained and 13,000 (thirteen thousand) trees planted.


Despite the intense efforts by the Government and other development actors to promote access to safe WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) services and a safe environment, many communities in Northern Uganda still lack access to safe water points. This situation persists due to the limited capacity of the Government to reach all communities with safe water.

Over 60% of the population in the region relies on unprotected open water sources, which they often share with animals. This poses a significant health risk, as these water sources are susceptible to contamination, leading to waterborne diseases and other health issues.

The region’s challenges are further compounded by its history of LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) rebel activities, which left many people internally displaced. Consequently, access to basic needs of life like food and water was severely limited, exacerbating the already dire situation.


DivineAid, an NGO established in June 2001 and registered with the National NGO Bureau. It envisions a community living a holistic life in a healthy environment, keeping “community hope alive. It is mandated to empower communities through capacity building, networking, research, partnership, and collaboration with other development actors. Since partnering with Ryan’s Well Foundation in 2004, DivineAid has grown through staff capacity development with funding from RWF foundation. To date, DivineAid has constructed over 900 wells in three countries (Uganda, Kenya and Sudan) with over 60% of the projects in Uganda, the funds donated by Ryan’s Well Foundation since 2004.

Partnership & Funding Requests

We wish we could help everyone but, unfortunately, we are already fully committed to projects with our current on-the-ground partners in the countries in which we work, and are unable to fund additional projects in new areas this fiscal year. We encourage you to check out other organizations actively providing WASH projects in your region of interest. All support of our current active projects this fiscal year is greatly appreciated.


Every effort is made to designate your funds as requested; however, if the specified project has become fully funded or unforeseen circumstances delay its start, we may allocate your donation to another important project.

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